Our approach to partnership relationships is both collaborative and creative. 

1. Analyze

We examine your objectives, assess your needs, define your wishes, identify actions to be taken and, working alongside you, always exceed your expectations.

2. Align

Standard interventions: capitalizing on our consultants experience, we offer you our trusted and proven models that provided over the years full satisfaction of participants, collaborators, HR leaders, top management and even your customers.

Customized interventions: being designed and developed according to your development needs, we offer you a fully tailor made approach, tested and validated before delivery. We consider each new project as a new challenge while respecting the culture of the company. We therefore adapt us to the circumstances of the project, through a flexible and human size structure.

3. Implement

Différentes approches managériales sont utilisées lors de la mise en œuvre de nos interventions:

4. Follow up & Measure

4.1. Diagnosis and evaluation tools

In order to guarantee that training will result in change, it is necessary to ensure that it is an integral part of your organization.

We use and will provide you with individual, group or entire organisation evaluation tools which will really help you to understand the challenges.

These tools can be used to test before, after or even during the actions you are undertaking in your organisation.

4.2. Measurement of impact

To assist you in measuring the results of our interventions, our implementation and follow up methods will ensure both results and impact as expected in your objectives and needs. Results and impact on the participants are systematically measured at different levels:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. Knowledge retention
  3. Behavioral change and eventually ROI

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