Leadership & change management

This seminar is aimed at every person responsible for initiating and implementing change at organizational level.

To facilitate the implementation of the changes and to obtain the active participation of your employees, you will learn through this workshop:

The 4 levels of change: information, attitude, individual and team behaviour. To effectively implement a change in the long run in companies, it is essential to pass successively through these four steps.

At the individual behaviour level you will learn the 7 dynamics of change and the 7 strategies to remedy them.

Analysing the team behaviour, you will discover the common believes about change.

You will also learn how to effectively diagnose the 6 stages of concerns of your employees, to identify the symptoms and anticipate their questions. These 6 stages of concerns can indeed be anticipated because they appear in a sequential and predictable order. The individual concerns being taken into account, anticipated and answered using the appropriate style, your employees will feel secured and their resistance to change will decrease enabling them, thanks to recover energy to contribute actively to the change process.

For more information, please call : +32 (0)2 675 53 94

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