Founder - Sr. Consultant
Founder - Sr. Consultant

Philippe Mailleux


Philippe has a university degree in Psychological and Pedagogical Sciences (Université Libre de Bruxelles) with a specialisation in Experimental Didactics and Train the Trainers. He publishes different works in Brussels and Montréal on the didactic, computer training and the learning languages.

After 4 years of research at the ULB in the computer and Training department, he joined the Olivetti Group where he managed 20 trainers in the Olivetti School during 3 years. He then entered at Apple Computer as Training & Channel Marketing Manager. His responsibilities included the development of a quantity and quality network between the dealers.

With his strong direct & indirect sales experience of several years, giving service, management, quality and training, he started and developed in 1991 his own activities in this domain for the Top 1000 in Belgium, Luxembourg and France (since 1993).

He regularly attends meetings and seminars together with the greatest American specialists in management, service and quality, to continously enhance his skills in those areas.

Philippe conceives and animates the whole of the Mailleux & Associates’ seminars. His many clients do appreciate his large expertise, his dynamism, his training & consultancy capabilities. They say about him that “he seems to have made from his hobby a job wherein he always excels and exceeds our expectations.”


  • Information Services

    Euroclear, Banksys, Skynet, Swift

  • Manufacturing & distribution

    3M, Mobil Plastics, Caterpillar, Glaverbel, Nike, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Milltronics, Siemens ADB, Delphi, Vermeire

  • Food industry and Retail

    Vamix, Alpro, Nestlé, GB, McDonald\'s

  • Pharmaceutical

    Astra Zeneca, Smith Kline Beecham, Will Pharma, Solvay Pharma, Parke Davis

  • Telecommunications

    Mobistar, Belgacom

  • Banking

    Generale Bank, Paribas, Anhyp

  • Insurances

    AGF Assurances


  • Elaboration and integration of a sales coaching system in different industries.
  • Support and consulting of "Change" process programs in several companies.
  • From 1995, he conceived and animated more than a dozen of “Motivational Speeches” during congresses, conferences, kick-off meetings for groups of 50 to 300 persons.
  • Intervention in large accounts for regular coaching, development and alignment of mission, vision, values, etc. in direction teams.
  • Elaboration of didactic tools and methodologies (PMP) of performance management.
  • Numerous interventions in different cultures and European countries.
  • Regular trainings of the new trainers of the European KBC network.
  • Philippe is the exclusive distributor of the Ken Blanchard tools and concepts in Belgium.


  • Je tenais à vous remercier pour la qualité et la sensibilité de votre intervention. Nous avons été plusieurs à avoir les larmes aux yeux et l'émotion était palpable autour de moi. L'alchimie entre le rationnel, la technique, l'humour, l'empathie, ...

    P. - McDonald's
  • Outstanding trainer! Never thought that 4 days of class could be so informative, lively and interesting… Philippe made it possible. Trainer has a lot of Knowledge, experience and truly Knows how to motivate everybody. Best trainer I ever had!

    M. V. - UCT - Cincinatti
  • Awesome! Philippe is a great presenter, very entertaining, definitely held the classes attention. Use very good examples to put the various situations into perspective.

    A. D. - UCT - Cincinatti
  • "Very good, especially in adapting information to suit our needs. Good attention to details."

    G. H. - Arjo Wiggins Fine Paper - TQM Coordinator
  • "Très satisfaisant. Tout le monde a beaucoup apprécié le "charisme" de Philippe Mailleux."

    J. C. - Filofax France - Directeur Général
  • "Très dynamique, beaucoup d'humour, connaît très bien son sujet. Un vrai 'pro'"

    Ph. B. - Caterpillar Belgium - Training & Development Manager
  • Particulièrement efficace. Précis dans le développement de la théorie, logique et cohérent dans le processus d'apprentissage et très concret par ses exemples.

    P. S. - GB Belgium - Training Manager
  • Uitstekend!

    G. V. - Apple Computer Benelux
  • L'animateur apporte son dynamisme et sa passion pour une matière captivante.

    J.P. V. D. - D'Ieteren Meiser Brussels - General Manager
  • Le cours s'est avéré efficace, structuré, simple et de ce fait a rencontré, voir dépassé, nos attentes. De plus, les actions ont été entreprises suite au cours avec un taux de résultats clients extrêmement satisfaisant (+30%).

    J.M. C. - Belgacom Mobile - Proximus Belgium - Inside Sales Manager

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