Trainer - Consultant
Trainer - Consultant

Henri Beckers


Henri is an experienced executive coach, trainer and expert in people management, communication, public speaking, leadership, negotiation and broad sales (management) skills. Henri is a charismatic and empathetic person who successfully coached executives, but also adores being in the field close to the sales people and first line management. He particularly likes the implementation part, as he’s very results-oriented and loves to make his hands dirty.

Henri holds a bachelor degree in Law, an MBA in Marketing and has specialized in Sales Force Reorganization. Before becoming a full-time trainer-coach in 2009, Henri gained +30 years of experience in account management, sales & marketing management in the pharmaceutical industry providing him a thorough understanding of today’s business challenges.

Henri is well versed in coaching, behavioral models, recruitment of commercial profiles, evaluation methodologies, … 


  • Tof, ervaren, motiverend, to the point 

    F. P-J. - D'Ieteren - Product Manager
  • Praktijkgericht, juiste mix tussen theorie en praktijk

    Groepsoefeningen = goede aanpak 

    L.O. - D'Ieteren - Product Manager
  • Heel gemotiveerd, spreekt uit ervaring

    B.V. - D'Ieteren - Product Manager

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