In Memoriam
In Memoriam

Dixie Dansercoer


Nothing stirs the imagination like polar exploration.

As a tribute to a brilliant man, a warm father and an extra-ordinary colleague...

Dixie Dansercoer (Nieuwpoort, Belgium, in 1962 - Passed away in Upernavik Greenland on June 07 2021 ) was a Belgian polar explorer with over twenty years of experience in polar travel.

Dixie has spent almost three decades accumulating valuable wisdom during his various ground- breaking expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctica. His world record traverses of the Antarctic Continent (South Through the Pole 1997-98) and the Arctic Ocean (Arctic Arc 2007), as well as his circumnavigations of both Antarctica (Antarctic ICE in 2012) and Greenland (Greenland ICE 2014), have rightfully placed him in the history books.

As an author, Dixie Dansercoer has written sixteen books about polar expeditions and the parallels with corporate life. His most recent, Polar Exploration – A practical handbook for North and South Pole Expeditions, was published by Cicerone Publishers (UK) in 2012 and Surpassing Sastrugi, together with Julie Brown, was published by Snoeck in 2014. His latest publication, Empowering Outperformance, has been published by Die Keure in the fall of 2017.

Dixie is married to Julie Brown and the father of Jasper, Evelien, Thijs and Robin.

Mailleux & Associates and Polar Circles launched their collaboration in January 2020.  Among their previous professional activities, Christoph (Managing Partner M & A)  Dixie & his partnerJulie worked together over two decades ago at SABENA (Belgium’s former international airline).  With more than 25 years of experience in the coordination and execution of ground-breaking polar expeditions, Dixie and Julie joined M & A as dynamic keynote speakers. The happy ones that had the opportunity to live these Keynotes will remember these energizing moments forever.


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