HR Breakfast

23 sept 2013

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Brussels, 23 September 2013, 8h-10h am

As in all relationships, whether business or personal, building trust is must for success.

As Robert Shaw said: "Above all, success in organizations requires two things: a winning competitive strategy and superb organizational execution. Distrust is the enemy of both." (in "Trust in the Balance")

• What is Trust? What are the links between expectations, familiarity, risks and vulnerability?

Today we almost know some of the basic ingredients that build Trust in a One to One relationship:

  • Straight Talk
  • Respect and transparency
  • Clear Expectations
  • Open Communication
  • Results
  • Accountability
  • Commitments
  • Loyalty

• How to build Trust in an organization? And first how to measure such a concept that every day impacts people's engagement and team's results?

Based on the Integro latest research and findings, we will share with you the best practices about diagnosing trust and then developing organizations that go from Team Building to Trust Building.

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