Our methods are varied: they are carefully chosen and used appropriately for the specific objectives of each project entrusted to us.

Our blended interventions are designed for maximizing impact:

Before: Assessment of current situation of participants, perception of collaborators and peers, preparatory work, case studies, etc…

During: Discovery and analysis of situation, auto-diagnose and analysis

After: Coaching for development and results, assessment of improved situation, new perception of collaborators and peers, e-learning for sustainability, etc…

We function within a national and international network of consultants and fellow scientists.


Consulting & Counseling

Together with you, we examine the current functional elements — putting them back into context — describe the best possible working conditions and define the scope and objectives of our activities.

With the help of concrete and validated tools, we will with you establish the ideal scenario after having supplied you with an exhaustive description and documentation of the situation and the improvements foreseen:

  • Definition of the Mission, Vision and Values of the company or group
  • Planning and Management of change
  • Job Description and Management by Objectives
  • Competency model and management
  • Individual or collective 360° and 180° feedback system 
  • Evaluation, operation and progress meeting
  • Advice, suggestions, design and improvements on strategy and tactics of people’s development


Coaching & Facilitating

Coaching: developed at M&A and based on practical experiences, our 6 coaching focuses clearly specify “how” and “where” individual & team development will be targeted as part of the coaching process.

For each coaching, a complete and full well structured process combined in 4 phases is followed in order to maximize coachee’s development and success.

M&A is extremely proud to officially represent for Europe the™ solution, as a web-based support for coaching sessions. As a worldwide unique platform,™ offers the coachee:

  • Clearly defined focuses to work on as part of the improvements needed
  • Constant tracking of the objectives, decisions made, action plans, agendas, progress, notes, etc…
  • Real possibility to get coaching sessions anywhere, anytime
  • Additional tools, tips and tricks

Facilitating: our facilitation process uses the injection of training modules and models along with specific consultancy based on our expertise and experience. This powerful service permits our clients to improve, maximize return and “make happen” management committees, working teams, meetings or any other group of people working towards a specific goal in a smooth and productive way.


Training & Animation

We always adapt our training programs and activities, using specific situations from your industry, by taking your culture into consideration when presenting our concepts and tools and facilitating the establishment of a common language.

Our teaching methods take into account the optimal attention span of the participants and the necessary level of interactivity between the participants and the trainer to achieve the training objectives.

In all our blended interventions, we do integrate different Diagnosis and Evaluation tools that will enable you to evaluate areas such as performance, productivity, management practices, communication between employees and their managers, stress management, conflict management:

  • Leader Behavior Analysis II
  • Feedback On your Leadership Knowledge and Skills (FOLKS)
  • Team Development Stages Analysis
  • Team Performance Diagnosing tool
  • DiSC® profile
  • MBTI® typology
  • Thomas Killman Conflict Management Mode
  • Parker Team Player survey

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