• share expertise stimulate energy achieve results

  • share expertise stimulate energy achieve results

Welcome to Mailleux & Associates

Since 25 years Mailleux and Associates provides both standard and taylor made training, consulting and coaching solutions in the area's of organizational development and sales.
Starting out of Brussels in 1991 mainly working on the local markets, our business grew fast to become international as from approximately 2002.
Today we are proud to work on 4 continents in 6 different languages.
Every day our staff works hard to generate " outstanding experiences " for our loyal customers.

Our philosophie is quit simple :

  • Every day we work hard to ensure quality
  • Delivering quality builds our reputation
  • Our reputation allows us to re-invest in quality


  • Excellent, n’écrase pas, stimule la motivation !
    A. H. - Sudpresse
  • "Très satisfaisant. Tout le monde a beaucoup apprécié le "charisme" de Philippe…
    J. C. - Filofax France - Directeur Général
  • Formateur a pris son temps d’expliquer selon les besoins personnels même en…
    V.C. - D’Ieteren Campus
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