Managing Partner - Sr. Consultant
Managing Partner - Sr. Consultant

Christoph Van Daele


After studying languages in Ghent, Christoph started his career at Sabena, Belgium’s international airline, in 1991.

He started working as a flight attendant on both medium and long haul destinations.

Somewhere during 1993, Christoph successfully applied for a position as trainer in the flight-operations S.E.P. ( safety and emergency procedures) department. It was during this period that he developed a  special interest in psychology and pedagogy, so he decided to start studying these topics at the Brussels ULB university.

Christoph became Chief SEP Training Sabena airline in 1997.

Questioned on this period in his career he states :  “ Those days were quit exciting.. Most  training-modules were very theoretical than.. My team and I re-designed the boring stuff and we were able to bring the topics in a new and dynamic way. 
I guess we were convinced that when people had a bit of fun in class, they would learn better, and forget less "

When Sabena stopped it’s activities in 2001, Christoph was Operations and Training standards manager Cabin-Crew and responsible for the S.E.P. qualification synergies with Swissair Group.

After Sabena, Christoph worked as a manager for Hilton International, and as training and development manager for 3-Suisses International (in Belgium and France)

He joined the Mailleux & Associates team in January 2006 and became Managing Partner in 2014. 


  • Christoph was mentor and project manager for the first ever Cabin-crew SEP simulator in Belgium.
  • At the time being, Christoph’s “project” is still currently being used by Belgian and foreign airlines.
  • At 3 SUISSES Christoph reorganized the training methods for the call centers. One of his projects, an empathy-based sales training for call agents, made it possible to increase gains on specific offers for more than 40 %.
  • In the aviation industry, Christoph’s specific approach allowed him to train people all over the world. He successfully organized seminars in the USA, France, Japan, Morocco, India and Armenia.
  • The last years Christoph specialized in Leadership program\\\\\\\'s, specifically in conflict handling and communication issues.
  • At Mailleux & Associates he focuses on the Situational Leadership, Team, Assertiveness and conflict-handling programs.


  • Very interactive training ! Kept the attention of the audience at any time of the day (even after lunch !)

    S. C. - Mastercard International
  • Motivatie, kennis, boeiend, prestatie, aanpak, toon… Il arrive a arrêter le temps pendant quelques secondes, bravo !

    H. A-B. - Mobistar
  • Zeer dynamisch, vlot gebracht, past zich aan, schitterende aanpak.

    S. V. - Adecco
  • Très bonne pédagogie, formation très dynamique et intéressante.

    B. P. - CMI

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