General Manager - Sr. Consultant
General Manager - Sr. Consultant

Anthony Jacobs


Anthony has a degree in social psychology, (Hogeschool Limburg, Vrije Universiteit Brussel) with a specialization in social science relating to the promotion of personal, social and cultural welfare.

His career started by working in a Psychological Medical and Social center, as a counselor in behavioral learning before switching his career to commercial advising. This enabled him to develop his competencies in sales and account management. This turn permitted him to become sales manager and develop his people management skills.

With his strong sales experience, people management insights and facilitation skills, he then jumped into Training & Development. Over the years he gained experience in different areas, to continue his career as a consultant at Mailleux & Associates.

One of his strengths is his personal drive to get people more satisfied in their professional and social environment. He has a good ability to express enthusiasm and commitment when transmitting methods and experience.

Anthony has a constant focus on development and is able to transmit complex concepts in a clear, understandable and applicable way.

He joined the Mailleux & Associates team in 2002 and became Managing Partner in 2014.



Anthony is experienced in all different training, coaching and consulting solutions Mailleux & Associates offers.


  • Anthony opened my eyes like nobody else did before.

    B.C. - Schott
  • You have to experience his trainings to believe it !

    A.L. - Wrigley
  • Zoiets leuks deel ik graag met je ! 
    Had ik Anthony 25 jaar geleden ontmoet, zou ik een ander mens geweest zijn. Ik zou zelfs een ander leven hebben gehad.

    E. H. - Mars Food Belgium - People & Organisation Officer
  • Even tough Anthony doesn't work at Diners Club, he perfectly explained everything by using Diners Club examples. In depth preparation

    J. S. - Diners Club Luxembourg - Corporate Account Manager
  • Von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute war ich von Anthony seine Art und Weise fasziniert: inspirativ, schnell, auf den Punkt und alle Antworte !

    E.L. - Saacke
  • “Anthony bezit alle kwaliteiten die een goede trainer nodig heeft. Hij speelt gemakkelijk op elke situatie in, geeft zeer goede voorbeelden en werkt stimulerend, bedankt.”

    R. N. - Scoot - Field Sales Executive

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